I had typed this entire post up, and clicked save draft, only to have it be erased. Therefore, I shall do only a brief summary, as the post was over 350 words….. [T.T]

Using MCDs for a while now, I believe that it is possible to study multiple languages at once, with little to no crossover (as long as you do not output too early!) using these powerful study tools. I believe this because of the whole “context” idea of the cards. Since everything is in context, when you do get to speak to a person in your L2 (or L3) you should have no mixups because the conversation will be in the context of that language, which you should have studied in a way that you were not learning the same words at the same time in both languages, so you will not associate them together in an unhealthy way (causing mixups).

However, theory is just theory, and theory produces nothing in and of itself, so I shall start a project, studying two languages at once, but using English as the base language for both (the language I study in), and not Japanese (laddering). I shall start Cantonese, because I have no past experience with it, and also it has a great amount of interesting material, and I also love the way the language sounds. It’ll be hard formatting the cards at first, so… If anyone out there has already started Cantonese with MCDs, or if you already learned it and know about MCDs and would like to let me know how you would format it if you had it back when, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


[Update: Due to the diminished access to a real computer, I have opted to place cantonese on hold, as ankionline does not currently support sounds, which are crucial to the learning of the language. I have opted for strengthening my spanish in the meantime while I gather some resources for a new computer]