I am Bryant Lefleur, good day sirs and madames [-.-]/

From the beginning, I have not liked learning. I hated school, and I hated all of anything that had to do with learning. All I wanted to do was get through it and I didn’t even know concretely what I wanted to do for a career.

However, in about 11th grade I happened upon a website for learning Japanese which changed my entire way of thinking. This site happens to be AJATT (All Japanese All The Time). I had been trying to study Japanese for whatever meager reasons I started with, and upon discovery of this site, I read in the introduction that some gentleman with African origins, an American, had learned Japanese in roughly 2 years. Not only had he “learned” it, he was fluent enough to be able to move there within those 2 years.

To the point now…. Within that website (you should check it out, it has really grown even since I have found it, and is updated regularly) I was introduced to the splendorous wonders of SRS. In the basest of senses, it is a genre of software in which one is able to study/review information and learn it to the possible extent of never forgetting that information again. SRS stands for Spaced Repetition System, and as the name suggests, it repeats what you put into it over certain spaces of time.

I have begun recently to integrate this into as many areas of my life as I can, and have found it to be extremely beneficial so far. I have been using it to study Japanese, Science, Mathematics, and History, and am going to include Music, Programming, and a variety of other subjects.

I have determined to never have a day without learning something significant, no matter which category of information it is in.

This is my journey, and I invite you to come along and see some of my documentation of my progress as I move along the path of knowledge. If you’d like to begin your own journey I am here to help you start, and help you along the way!