Okay, I have published a post wherein I speak of putting no English on my Japanese cards. Well, I decided that I should go into a little more detail..

First of all, if you can, buy a Kindle. It WILL make and allow you to read more Japanese [L2]. They are relatively cheap, and get the wifi version [its easier to get your reading from the computer anyways, less hassle, unless that is your fancy, get the 3G one]. Since it’s so much easier to get your hands on Japanese, you will automatically read more. Put a little more effort, maybe even join the 多読 thing.

Here is my process from start to finish.

Firefox + Peraperakun

Find an article in Japanese [L2]. Any article you wish, any blah of text.

In Japanese, if you already know all the kana [which you should learn first], you would then hover the mouse over the first kanji/kanji combo you see. Put the pronunciation on the back of your flashcard [SRS] and put the entire first paragraph on the front [or the paragraph with your selected word in it].

Highlight the kanji/kanji combo and put the pronunciation for whichever part you highlight [whether it be one kanji or more] on the back. Try to do these incrementally [eg. for 常用漢字, do one for the pronunciation for each kanji, and then one for the first pair, then one for the second pair, and THEN one for the whole thing.]

Repeat for every kanji [jus keep on going] until you get bored.

Use Instapaper to save that article, then send it to your free Kindle account [acct name@free.kindle.com]. Read this article to see how much you can read [meaning doesnt really matter, it will come with much reading, plus you can get a gist of the meaning because perapera puts a definition along with the reading (pronunciation)]. Use the reading on your kindle as free time along with watching Japanese shows/movies and fun stuff.

Keep returning to article [as many times as necessary, point 5 in article] until article is completely MCD’d. Obviously you can skip kanji if you’d like, if you dont feel like doing certain ones, but at the beginning, you need to take as much as you can, and then once you get a lot, you can start being a little more choosy.

Again, always do something entertaining in Japanese when boredom tries to come in.

For writing competence, that will be another post.

Note: I know this may seem tiring, and a lot of work, but 1, it will even out later on, and 2, sorry. I dont get tired of MCDing at all. I have gone as much as three hours straight before I had to stop to do other things. Once you start reading and seeing the Kanji you just all of a sudden miraculously know how to read, you’ll get more into MCDing. I promise.