SO, I was sitting there, looking at my Japanese sentence book I happened upon in B&N, when the thought hit me… Why am I putting English on my card at all?? I mean, if I was studying Spanish, I wouldn’t put any English, I would just figure out meanings from reading a lot of Spanish.

SO, the thought goes like this:

1] MCD whatever paragraph I feel

2] Highlight [Anki] one character of a kanji compound, or singular kanji if there’s only one sound.

3] Place sound [in kana] on back of card.

So, I read however much of the paragraph I feel like, skipping words I don’t know, until I get to the studied word, or if  I don’t feel ambitious, I just go straight for the word.

Rinse, Repeat

I will try this for a few weeks/months and see how it goes and get back to ya