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SO, I was sitting there, looking at my Japanese sentence book I happened upon in B&N, when the thought hit me… Why am I putting English on my card at all?? I mean, if I was studying Spanish, I wouldn’t put any English, I would just figure out meanings from reading a lot of Spanish.

SO, the thought goes like this:

1] MCD whatever paragraph I feel

2] Highlight [Anki] one character of a kanji compound, or singular kanji if there’s only one sound.

3] Place sound [in kana] on back of card.

So, I read however much of the paragraph I feel like, skipping words I don’t know, until I get to the studied word, or if  I don’t feel ambitious, I just go straight for the word.

Rinse, Repeat

I will try this for a few weeks/months and see how it goes and get back to ya



Soooooo, I’m going to help anyone who’s learning English. On this blog will be a section where I will record speech from everyday life and, provide the audio and transcripts of the audio I upload here! This way, as per AJATT methods, and or the MCD method, everybody will be able to learn English beautifully and fully ^.^ If anyone enjoys the thought of this, or the actual section, I would appreciate it if you would either provide transcripts to your mother tongue, and link to it on here! It would be greatly appreciated, and you could be helping thousands of people learn your language!

Happy Travels! [‘.’]