For Spanish, I have opted to use three different formats of SRS cards:
1:Reading Card – Nothing serious, just a block of text to read for understanding.
Grading will be on how much of the card I understood w/o any english assistance, yet no assistance will ever be given in english, a ha ha!
2: Listening card – There will be two variations of this card, one with audio and text, and one without text, yet I have still counted this as one card.
Grading again will be based on how much I am able to understand, the more I understand, the better the grade.
3: And last but certainly not least, the all-powerful MCDs. – This will probably be my most frequent card, because, although not the easiest among the three, it is most certinly the most fun to make. This will also be my primary way, aside from reading an abhorrently large amount of text and listening to tens of thousands of hours of audio, to understand more of the language.
Grading stays consistent throughout



[Edit: I have changed my mind, and opted for only the very spectacular MCDs. My reading and listening will improve automatically as I continue to create and review my MCDs. Also, when I do begin to speak, I will be better off because of them as well!]